Kenya’s neo-Politicus

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In Kenya, the era of political chiefs that are elected due to their enigmatic statue or boisterous presence in their tribal enclaves is soon coming to an end. This is thanks to a more informed electorate that is starting to ask hard questions.. such as, “does my MP attend parliamentary sessions regularly?”,  ”Did my MP fulfill his election promises?” OR ” What development has my MP brought to this area?”  Questions that were seldom asked in our political history.

Furthermore, in a post-referendum Kenya, it is not difficult to imagine an electorate that will be philosophically sophisticated as well. One can envision a voter who would have questions like, What is my M.P.’s position on abortion? Or, what is his / her stand on Kadhi Courts, Gay Rights, separation of Church and State, polygamy, etc… So, I have no doubt in my mind that a segment of the electorate is evolving, and i cant help but to wonder whether the politician is behind or ahead of that curve? Are there leaders out there who are spoiling for an ideological divide?

Looking at the likes of Kalembe Ndile, Jakoyo Midiwo and Ferdinand Waititu, one would like to argue NOT. In-fact, one would argue that they are still students of pre-modern politics, that they are too entrenched in the Big Man politics of yester-decade to even know that the basic nature of a Politician is to at the very least seem concerned with the wishes of the people. They appear to be perfecting the tactics of their predecessors and doing a pretty good job of imitating. They seek to impress their constituents by driving the most luxurious cars on those dusty roads and take great pride in their chiefly statures, while their people languish. But to be honest, we can not expect much else from these honorable members, for we have seen them in action in the lower chambers of City and Municipal councils and are familiar with their political suaveness.

However, a closer look at William Ruto, Peter Kenneth, Kalonzo Musyoka and the like paints a very different picture. All very different in their approach to politics, but command the respect of their followers and peers alike. They have gone to great lengths in forging their respective images; Bold & Effective Ruto, Sober & Eloquent Kenneth and Reasonable & Saintly Musyoka. Further more, they are calculated strategists with a seeming uncanny ability to see into the political future.

Now, I am not saying go out and support these individuals, neither am I saying that I would support either one of them. I am merely venturing to state, that I believe it is this crop of politician that will shape our country. Whatever their brand of politics is, they do not forget to put in a honest days work for their constituents and the Nation at large.

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