‘King of Kings of Africa’ Dead!

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Muamer Gaghafi 1942 - 2011

The Self-styled Brotherly leader and Guide of the Revolution of Libya is Dead!

He was killed outside his home City of Sirte, in what appears to have been an assassination.

Having led the Libyan people since he deposed King Idris on 1st September 1969, Gadhafi will no doubt go into the History books as one of the longest serving heads of state in Africa.

For all his faults, Gadhafi managed to lead Libya through a tumultuous time; resisting foreign dictates to make his country a regional giant, and for a substantial period countering the Wests influence in many parts of Africa and the Arab World. He was loved by many and loathed perhaps by even more.

In Death

Gadhafi was humiliated in death after being executed as a common criminal, his body placed in a supermarket freezer and displayed to curios onlookers.  , Something about that image leaves a fowl taste in my mouth.

There is no love lost here, but I must say – the Transitional National Government had room to show some class. Instead, they have proven to the world, that they are no better than he was.

In any case, he knew too much – when you have been in power for 42 years, you would tend to do that. I believe that if taken to trial, the man would have been a great liability. He would have exposed many a ‘great’ men in the West and at home.

Mumie – You simply had to die. Rest now, judgement awaits!

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